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DDG 56 John S. McCain

Guided Missile destroyer Flight I with Nulka

ARGOS-Nr.: 034c/56 Category: Guided missle destroyer
Class: Arleigh Burke Flight I Nation: USA
# in class: 35 Condition: 2003
Sister ships: Barry, John Paul Jones, Curtis Wilbur, Stout, Arleigh Burke, Mitscher, Laboon, Russell, Paul Hamilton, Ramage, Fitzgerald, Stethem, Carney, Benfold, Gonzales, Cole, The Sullivans, Milius, Hopper, Ross, Mahan, Decatur, McFaul, Donald Cook, Higgins, O'Kane, Porter
Available accessories: AS-Z-01 SH-60 B Sea Hawk Lamps III helo, AS-Z-24 etched rotors for Z-01, AS-Z-55 etched figurines   

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