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Collector's Corner

On this site we want to show your impressions of our models.
If you have a self-designed picture of this, please send it to us:

Picture of the USS Platte by FREDERICK WAGNER
This Picture was sent to us from one customer.
The model was scanned, the water handpainted and the sky inserted with the computer.
Picture of the USS Platte by FREDERICK WAGNER

WASP at night by Collector Prof. Ulrich Rudofsky
This photo is of the LHD-1 USS WASP (AS32 model) operating in the dark of night. I took this photo as follows: The base was dull black cardboard and lighting was indoor sunlight. The camera was a Mavica SONY MVC-FD71. The nightime effects were created by using the MSN Photo Editor, mainly by turning down the gamma effect and increasing contrast. The angle of approach to the WASP may be a high speed "S"-shaped descent crossing amidships of the carrier and asking for emergency help!!! For this photo (by an absolutely incompetent non-flyer like myself) I would first pass to communicate with the WASP of my problem, and then try to achieve the instructed attitude for a hopefully safe and uneventful landing. I think that the proper angles of taking these photos is very important to bring out the real beauty of this Argos model. A quick lesson on how to operate helicopters or Harriers from the decks of an LHD by a real US Marine flyer would be very welcome. Thank you in advance!

Painting by Mr. Ralph Love of the USS Arleigh Burke.

Pictures by FREDERICK WAGNER of the Campbelltown.
The ships are photographed and the background handpainted.

Picture of AS-S-07 Florida by Wolfgang Sell

Pictures of AS 72 Longbeach by
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