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LPD-21 New York

LPD-17 class, In the bow of the ship, 6.4 tons of steel from the World Trade Center processed. The model shows a state after the first modifications to the ship and with the oversized American flag of the vessel arriving in New York as the 10th anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center to see.

ARGOS-Nr.: 102a Category: Amphibious ship
Class: LPD-17 San Antonio Nation: USA
# in class: 11 Condition: 2011
Sister ships: San Antonio, New Orleans, Mesa Verde, Green Bay, New York, San Diego, Anchorage, Arlington, Somerset, John P. Murtha
Available accessories: AS-30, AS--30a, AS-71, AS-71a, AS-Z 55, AS-Z 06, AS-Z 11, AS-Z 13, AS-Z 15, AS-Z 16, AS-Z 24, AS-Z 25, AS-Z 26, AS-Z 29   

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