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FF-1071 Badger

Fast Frigate of the Knox Class. All models are slightly different, look at pics.

ARGOS-Nr.: 051/1071 Category: Fregate
Class: Knox Nation: USA
# in class: 46 Condition: 1986
Sister ships: Knox, Roark, Gray, Hepburn, Connole, Rathburne, Meyerkord, W.S.Sims, Lang, Patterson, Whipple, Reasoner, Lockwood, Stein, Marvin Shields, Francis Hammond, Vreeland, Downes, Bagley, Blakely, Robert E. Peary, Harold E. Holt, Trippe, Fanning, Quellet, Joseph Hewes, Bowen, Paul, Alwin, Elmer Montgomery, Cook, McCandless, Donald B. Beary, Brewton, Kirk, Barbey, Jesse L. Brown, Ainsworth, Miller, Thomas C. Hart, Capodanno, Pharris, Truett, Valdez, Moinester
Available accessories: AS-Z-55 etched figurines   

This ship model is available!

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