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LHD-2 Essex

Amphibious Assault ship with two new RAM starters and a lot of radoms, app. suits to the AS 75 Kittiy Hawk, both have their homebase at Yokosuka(Japan)

ARGOS-Nr.: 032a Category: Amphibious ship
Class: WASP-Klasse Nation: USA
# in class: 8 Condition: 2003
Sister ships: Wasp, Kearsage, Boxer, Bataan, Bonhomme Richard, Iwo Jima, Makin Island
Available accessories: AS-Z-01 SH-60 B Sea Hawk Lamps III helo, AS-Z-02 AV-8B Harrier II, AS-Z-05 Decksaccessories, AS-Z-10 a Deckskran weiƟ, AS-Z-11 CH-46E Sea Knight, AS-Z-13 CH-53 E Super Stallion, AS-Z-15 AH-1W Super Cobra, AS-Z-16 UH-1N Twin Huey, AS 30 LCAC-8, AS 30 LCAC-27, AS-Z-24 etched rotors for Z-01, AS-Z-25 etched Rotors for Z-11, AS-Z-26 etched rotors for Z-15,Z-16, AS-Z-29 etched rotors for Z-13, AS-Z-55 etched figurines, AS-Z-62 MH-60S Knight Hawk   

This ship model is available!

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